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Tina's Haven of Romance Novels
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Wish List
Your wish is my command

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach."
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Adair, Cherry – On Thin Ice (Romantic Suspense – Wright Series)
Agnew, Denise A. – Combustion (Contemporary)
Alexander, Victoria - When We Meet Again
Amos, Diane – Getting Personal (Contemporary)
Bach, Lauren - Project Eve
Barton, Beverly – Keeping Annie Safe (Contemporary/Protectors Series)
Barton, Beverly – Murdock’s Last Stand (Contemporary/Protectors Series)
Barton, Beverly – On Her Guard (Contemporary/Protectors Series)
Barton, Beverly – This Side of Heaven (Contemporary/Protectors Series)
Barton, Beverly – Worth Dying For (The Protectors Series)
Baxter, Mary Lynn – In Hot Water (Romantic Suspense)
Berg, Patti - Enchanted (Contemporary/Paranormal)
Bevarly, Elizabeth – Just Like a Man (Contemporary)
Bird, Jessica – Heart of Gold (Contemporary)
Bird, Jessica – Leaping Hearts (Contemporary)
Blackwood, Jane – A Hard Man is Good to Find (Contemporary)
Blair, Sandy – A Rogue in a Kilt
Brockmann, Suzanne - Hawken's Hart (Romantic Suspense)
Brockmann, Suzanne – Hot Target (Romantic Suspense)
Carroll, Susan - The Dark Queen
Caskie, Kathryn – Lady in Waiting
Cast, P.C. – Goddess of the Spring (Fantasy)
Chapman, Janet – Tempting the Highlander
Chapman, Janet - The Dangerous Protector
Chase, Loretta - Miss Wonderful (Historical)
Chase, Loretta – Mr. Impossible
Chase, Loretta – Viscount Vagabond
Ciotta, Beth – Seduced
Civil-Brown, Sue - The Prince Next Door (Contemporary)
Clemmons, Caroline – The Most Unsuitable Wife (Kincaids, 1)
Crawford, Louise – A Witch for Good Luck (Paranormal)
Criswell, Millie – Body Language (Contemporary)
Criswell, Millie – Staying Single (FLIPSIDE/Contemporary)
D’Alessandro, Jacquie – Love and the Single Heiress
Daniels, Maggie – A Christmas Romance (Contemporary)
Davis, Dee – Endgame (Romantic Suspense)
Dawson, Geralyn - Her Bodyguard
Dodd, Christina - Close to You (Contemporary - Lost Texas Hearts, 3)
Donovan, Susan – He Loves Lucy (Contemporary)
Evanovich, Janet – The Naughty Neighbor (Contemporary)
Evanovich, Janet – The Rocky Road to Romance (Contemporary)
Feehan, Christine - Oceans of Fire (Drake Sisters, 3)
Feehan, Christine – The Wicked and the Wondrous (Contemporary)
Foley, Gaelen - One Night of Sin
Ford, Jacey – Dangerous Curves (Contemporary)
Ford, Jacey – I Spy (Romantic Suspense)
Fuhrmann, Holly - Mad About Max (Contemporary)
Gardner, Darlene – Once Smitten & Twice Shy (DUETS/Contemporary)
Garwood, Julie – Murder List (Romantic Suspense/Mystery)
Garwood, Julie - Slow Burn (Romantic Suspense)
Gibson, Rachel – The Trouble with Valentine’s Day (Contemporary)
Hall, Jessica – Into the Fire
Harte, Kelly – Guilty Feet (Contemporary Romance)
Heath, Lorraine – An Invitation to Seduction
Henderson, Dee – The Guardian (O’Malley Series, 2/Romantic Suspense)
Henderson, Dee – The Healer (O’Malley Series, 5/Romantic Suspense)
Henderson, Dee – The Negotiator (O’Malley Series, 1/Romantic Suspense)
Henderson, Dee – The Rescuer (O’Malley Series, 6/Romantic Suspense)
Henderson, Dee – The Truth Seeker (O’Malley Series, 3/Romantic Suspense)
Henke, Shirl – Texas Viscount
Herron, Rita - A Breath Away (Romantic Suspense)
Higdon, Lisa – Until You’re Mine
Hoffmann, Kate – My Christmas Cowboy (Contemporary)
Hughes, Charlotte - Valley of the Shadow (Romantic Suspense)
Jeffries, Sabrina - To Pleasure a Prince
Joy, Dara – That Familiar Touch (Fantasy)
Jump, Shirley - The Devil Served Tortellini (Contemporary)
Kauffman, Donna - Sleeping with Beauty
Kelly, Dorien – Hot Nights in Ballymuir (Contemporary)
Kelly, Leslie - She Drives Me Crazy (Contemporary)
Kendall, Karen - First Date
Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Sins of the Night (Hunter Legends/Dark/Alexion)
Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (BAD series/Ace)
Laine, Connie – When Size Matters (FLIPSIDE/Contemporary)
Laurens, Stephanie - The Ideal Bride (Cynster series)
Laurens, Stephanie - The Truth About Love
Layton, Edith - Alas, My Love
Leo, Mary – A Pinch of Cool (FLIPSIDE/Contemporary)
Leo, Mary – For Better or Cursed (FLIPSIDE/Contemporary)
London, Julia – Miss Fortune (Contemporary/Lear Sisters, 3)
MacAlister, Katie - Fire Me Up
MacAlister, Katie – Noble Destiny
Brotherhood of the Sword/Christian)
Macpherson, Suzanne - She Woke Up Married (Contemporary)
McBride, Mary – Say it Again, Sam (Contemporary)
McCarthy, Erin - Mouth to Mouth (Contemporary)
McCoy, Judi – A Match Made in Heaven (Contemporary)
McCoy, Judi - Wanted: One Special Kiss (Contemporary)
McCutcheon, Pam - Caught in the Act (Contemporary)
McKade, Maureen – Arouse Suspicion (Romantic Suspense)
McKay, Sue – Shaken and Stirred (Contemporary)
McKenna, Shannon - Out of Control (Romantic Suspense)
McKnight, Jenna – A Date on Cloud Nine (Contemporary)
Michaels, Tanya – Who Needs Decaf? (FLIPSIDE/Contemporary)
Monk, Karyn – Every Whispered Word
Phillips, Carly – Hot Stuff (Contemporary/Hot Zone series, 1)
Phillips, Carly – Under the Boardwalk (Contemporary)
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Ain't She Sweet? (Contemporary)
Plumley, Lisa - Josie Day Is Coming Home (Contemporary)
Pratt, Cynthia – A Duke for Christmas
Procter-King, Cindy – Head Over Heels (Contemporary Romance)
Quick, Amanda - Lie By Moonlight
Raleigh, Debbie – How to Marry a Duke
Rice, Patricia – This Magic Moment
Ridgway, Christie – The Thrill of it All (Contemporary)
Ridgway, Christie – Wish You Were Here (Contemporary)
Robards, Karen – Bait (Romantic Suspense)
Sala, Sharon – Reunion (Romantic Suspense/Mystery)
Sanrin, Amy – Got Mick? (Contemporary)
Saunders, Kate – The Marrying Game: A Novel (Contemporary)
Shattuck, Shari – Loaded (Contemporary Romance)
Shay, Katherine – On the Line (Romantic Suspense)
Showalter, Gena - Awaken Me Darkly
Simmons, Suzanne – Goodnight, Sweetheart (Contemporary)
St. Claire, Roxanne – French Twist (Romantic Suspense)
St. Claire, Roxanne – Killer Curves (Romantic Suspense)
Stenzel, Natalie – Forget Prince Charming (FLIPSIDE/Contemporary)
Stillings, Marianne - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie (Contemporary)
Suson, Marlene - Devil's Bargain
Suson, Marlene - Reluctant Heiress
Watters, Kim – Home at Last (Avalon Romance)
Wax, Wendy – Leave it to Cleavage (Contemporary Fiction)
Wilde, Lori - License to Thrill (Contemporary)
Wilde, Lori - Mission: Irresistible (Contemporary)
Woods, Sherryl - The Backup Plan (Contemporary)

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