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Tina's Haven of Romance Novels
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To Be Released

Upcoming Book Releases

Listed are some of my more anticipated titles, please check my LINKS page for websites with more detailed lists:

Adair, Cherry - Hot Ice
Adams, Kylie - First Kiss
Andersen, Susan – Skintight
Archer, Jennifer – Sandwiched
Arnold, Judith - The Fixer Upper
Criswell, Millie - No Strings Attached
Ephron, Amy - A Cup of Tea
Fletcher, Donna - The Daring Twin
Guhrke, Laura Lee - The Marriage Bed
Hill, Sandra - Hot & Heavy
James, Samantha - A Perfect Hero
Jeffries, Sabrina - One Night with a Prince
Jordan, Nicole - Wicked Fantasy
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Sins of the Night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - What Dreams May Come (anthology)
Quinn, Julia - It's in His Kiss
Rice, Patricia - Much ADO about Magic

Forster, Suzanne - The Lonely Girls Club
Garwood, Julie - Slow Burn
Grayson, Kristine - Totally Spellbound
Jump, Shirley - The Angel Craved Lobster
Kendall, Karen - First Dance
London, Julia - Highlander in Love
Mallory, Anne - Daring the Duke
Maxwell, Cathy - The Price of Indiscretion
Medeiros, Teresa - After Midnight
Moning, Karen Marie - Spell of the Highlander
Phillips, Carly - Hot Number
Phillips, Carly - Summer Lovin'
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Match Me If You Can
Raye, Kimberly - Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice
Ridgway, Christie - An Offer He Can't Refuse
Sparks, Kerrelyn - How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Stewart, Mariah - Cold Truth
Stewart, Mariah - Dead End

Crusie, Jennifer - You Again
D'Alessandro, Jacquie - Not Quite A Gentleman
Greiman, Lois - Taming the Barbarian
Kenner, Julie - The Bridesmaid Chronicles: First Love
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Born to Be B.A.D. (BAD series/Steel)
Laurens, Stephanie - A Fine Passion
McCoy, Judi - Wanted: One Sexy Night
Ortolon, Julie - Almost Perfect
Sizemore, Susan - Crave the Night

Adair, Cherry - B.A.D. Santa
Dodd, Christina - My Fair Temptress
Heath, Lorraine - A Matter of Temptation
Kleypas, Lisa - It Happened One Autumn
London, Julia - Wedding Survivor
Markham, Wendy - Bride Needs Groom
Wax, Wendy - Hostile Makeover

Alexander, Victoria - Let It Be Love
McNaught, Judith - Every Breath You Take
Sands, Lynsay - A Quick Bite

Callen, Gayle - The Lord Next Door
Enoch, Suzanne - An Invitation to Sin
Kleypas, Lisa - Devil in Winter
Macpherson, Suzanne - Switched, Bothered and Bewildered

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