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Tina's Haven of Romance Novels
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Historical Novels

Historical Novels

Historical Novels

Doubt that the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.
- William Shakespeare ("Hamlet")

Gudrun's Tapestry by Joan Schweighardt (read an excerpt)

Alexander, Victoria – The Pursuit of Marriage
Becnel, Rexanne – When Lightning Strikes
Byron, Eve – My Lord Destiny
Byron, Eve – Only in My Dreams
Callen, Gayle – No Ordinary Groom
Camp, Deborah – Black-Eyed Susan
Chastain, Sandra – Mail-Order Groom
Claybourne, Casey – A Thing of Beauty
Copeland, Lori - Marrying Walker McKay
Corsi Staub, Wendy – Long Way Home
Criswell, Millie – True Love
Dawson Smith, Barbara – With All My Heart
Garwood, Julie – One Pink Rose
Gregory, Jill – When the Heart Beckons
Hunter, Madeline – The Saint
James, Eloisa – Duchess in Love
Jordan, Nicole – Ecstasy
Jordan, Nicole – The Prince of Pleasure
Kay, Karen – Lone Arrow’s Pride
Kenton, Lora – Sinfully Delicious (Western)
Kingsley, Katherine - In The Presence of Angels
Kingsley, Katherine – Once Upon a Dream
Kingsley, Katherine - The Sound of Snow
Landis, Jill Marie - Just Once
Laurens, Stephanie – The Promise in a Kiss (Cynster Series, 8)
Laurens, Stephanie – The Reasons for Marriage
Lindsey, Johanna – The Magic of You (Mallory Series)
London, Julia – Highlander Unbound
Mallory, Anne – Masquerading the Marquess
Maxwell, Cathy – The Lady is Tempted
McClymer, Kelly – The Fairy Tale Bride
McKnight, Annie – The Tombstone Rose
McNaught, Judith – Almost Heaven
Medeiros, Teresa - One Night of Scandal
Mittman, Stephanie – A Heart Full of Miracles
Morgan, Rachelle – An Unlikely Lady
Morsi, Pamela - Here Comes the Bride
Mullins, Debra – Three Nights
Owen, Wanda - Louisiana Lovesong
Phillips, Patricia - The Constant Flame
Phillips, Tori – Midsummer’s Knight
Plumley, Lisa – The Drifter
Quick, Amanda – Affair
Quick, Amanda – Late for the Wedding
Rice, Patricia – Must Be Magic
Sands, Charlene – Winning Jenna’s Heart
Simmons, Deborah – My Lord DeBurgh
Taylor, Janelle - Defiant Hearts

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