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Tina's Haven of Romance Novels
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Tammy's Wish List

happy holidays!

Adams, Faye – Any
Alcott, Laura Mills – The Briar and the Rose
Alfonsi, Alice - Eternal Love
Alsobrook, Rosalyn - Love's Image
Arlen, Leslie - Love and Honor
Atlee, Gwyneth – Innocent Deceptions
Avery, Joan – The Wild Irish West
Baker, Madeline – Reckless Embrace
Bennett, Sara – Once She Loves
Bieber, Janet - In Name Only
Bingham, Lisa – The Other Bride
Brockway, Connie - Promise Me Heaven
Brooks, Betty - The Wayward Heart
Brown, Laurie - The Truth about Cassandra
Browning, Josette - Fairest of Them All
Butler, Jewel Ann – Tangled Passions
Campbell, Nancy Allen - Love Beyond Time
Carr, Fiona – The Mad Marquis
Chambers, Alice – Always a Princess, Taming Angelica
Chambers, Pamela Quint - Family Recipe, Samantha's Heart
Chase, Taylor - Heart of Deception
Collins, Laurel - Patchwork Angel
Cook, Carla – The Magician
Copeland, Lori - Brides of the West series
Crooks, Pam – Broken Blossums
Cullman, Heather - For All Eternity
Dain, Claudia – The Marriage Bed, The Willing Wife
Dallas, Sandra - The Diary of Mattie Spencer
Domning, Denise - Lady in Waiting
Donnelly, Jennifer – The Tea Rose
Edwards, Marion - Heaven Sent, Heaven's Reward
Fallon, Linda – Shades of Midnight
Fletcher, Donna - Isle of Lies
Garrett, Wendy - Untamed Hearts
Goodman, Jo – Everything I Ever Wanted
Gower, Iris - A Royal Ambition
Grace, Susan - Any
Grant, Tracy – Daughter of the Game, Beneath a Silent Moon
Grayson, Kristine – Simply Irresistible
Gregory, Lisa - Rainbow Season
Greyle, Katherine – Rules for a Lady
Griggs, Winnie – Whatever It Takes
Halverson, Renee – A Man of Steel, Extreme Measures
Hanlon, Julia - Mine for All Time
Hanna, Lynn - Circle of Time
Harrington, Alexis – The Irish Bride
Hart, Sarah - Whispers From Heaven
Harte, Amanda – Carousel of Dreams, Rainbows at Midnight
Hawkins, Karen – Confessions of a Scoundrel
Hayden, Laura - Stolen Hearts (Hope Chest series)
Hiatt, Brenda - Saints of Seven Dials series
Holby, Cindy – Chase the Wind
Holcombe, Elizabeth – Heaven and the Heather
Hutchinson, Bobby - A Distant Echo
Ireland, Liz – Blissful, Texas
Jackson, Lisa - Dark Jewels Trilogy, have “A Dangerous Love”
Johnston, Joan - Sweetwater Seduction
Johnston, Linda O. - The Ballad of Jack O'Dair
Jones, Jill – My Scottish Rose
Kay, Linda - To Charm a Rogue
Kelleher, Anne - The Highway Man (Irish Eyes Series)
Kirk, Cynthia – The Lady and the Lion
LaForge, Emily – Beneath the Raven’s Moon
Lafoy, Leslie - Lady Reckless, It Happened One Night
Landsdowne, Judith – Just in Time
Lane, Elizabeth - Bride on the Run
Lawrence, Margaret - Blood Red Roses
Lee, Karen – Meredith’s Wish
Lee, Wendi - The Overland Trail
Liepitz, Susan Leslie - Mystic Memories
Lindstrom, Wendy – The Longing
Lynne, Alexis Kay - Dream Knight
Macias, Susan - Courtney's Cowboy
MacNeal, Melissa – Evil’s Niece
Madden, Mickee - Hope Everlastin', Dusk Before Dawn
Madden, Sandra - A Princess Born
Maguire, Margo – Scoundrel’s Daughter
Mallory, Tess - Highland Dream
Mason, Connie – The Dragon Lord, The Rogue and the Hellion
McCall, Mary Reed – The Crimson Lady
McCarthy, Kathleen – A Treasure to Hold
McFadden, Corey – With Eyes of Love
McKinney, Meagan - Moonlight Becomes Her
Michaels, Kasey – Escapade, The Illusions of Love, Someone To Love, Then Comes Marriage
Miller, Julie – Always Faithful
Miller, Linda Lael - Beyond the Threshold
Overfield, Joan - Lady Cat
Perkin, Norah Jean – Night Secrets
Perry, Anne - Dangerous Mourning
Plunkett, Susan - Alicia's Song
Poore, Dawn Aldridge - Saint's Haven
Powers, Jo Ann - Love Once Again, Love Once in Passing
Pozzessere, Heather G. - The Last Cavalier
Putney, Mary Jo - Dangerous Gifts
Ranstrom, Gail – Saving Sarah
Raye, Kimberly – A Stranger’s Desire, A Stranger's Kiss
Riley, Eugenia - Embers of Time
Riley, Judith Merkle - Oracle Glass
Rimbauer, Ellen – The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life At Rose Red
Robins, Gina - Forbidden Kiss
Robinson, Suzanne - Just Before Midnight (Meet Me at Midnight series)
Rosberg, Helen A. – The Circle of a Promise
Ryan, Nan – Naughty Marietta
Sala, Sharon – Whipperwhill
Sandifer, Linda - Turquoise Sun
Sands, Lynsay – Bliss, What She Wants
Saunders, Amy Elizabeth - A Spell of Mist and Roses
Savery, Jeanne - Lady Stephanie
Scott, Regina – Starstruck
Shaw, Allie - The Impossible Bride
Silver, Kate – A Lady Betrayed
Simpson, Patricia - Whisper of Midnight
Smith, Barbara Dawson - Fire at Midnight
Sterling, Cynthia - Last Chance Ranch
Stratton, Evangelynn - Lady Seer, Lady Blue
Thomason, Cynthia - Homespun Hearts
Turner, Nancy E. – These is My Words
Waide, Peggy – A Rogue’s Promise, Mightier Than The Sword
White, Karen – Whispers of Goodbye
Williamson, Penelope - Once in A Blue Moon
Woolley, Persia - Child of the Northern Spring

Fantasy Anthologies
Haunting Hearts, Time Passages
TV series books - need certain ones - Charmed series and Buffy series

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