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Haven of Romantic Novels


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Historical Novels


Ashley, Veronica - Sea Siren
Balogh, Layton, Rice, et al - A Regency Christmas Feast (Anthology)
Balogh, Mary - Truly
Bolen, Cheryl - A Duke Deceived
Brandewyne, Rebecca - Swan Road
Busbee, Shirlee - Deceive Not My Heart
Busbee, Shirlee - Each Time We Love
Busbee, Shirlee - Lovers Forever
Cameron, Stella - More & More
Camp, Candace - A Stolen Heart
Cantrell, Raine - Tarnished Hearts
Carroll, Susan - The Bride Finder
Chesney, Marion - The Dreadful Debutante (Regency)
Coughlin, Patricia - Merely Married
Coulter, Catherine - The Courtship
Coulter, Catherine - Rosehaven
Coulter, Catherine - The Sherbrooke Bride (2 COPIES)
Crosby, Tanya Anne - Lion Heart
Crosby, Tanya Anne - Perfect In My Sight
Cross, Claire - The Last Highlander (Time Travel)
Dawson, Geralyn - Simmer All Night
Deveraux, Jude - Legend (Time Travel)
Dodd, Christina, et al - Scottish Brides
Edwards, Cassie - Eden's Promise
Feather, Jane - Vice
Ferrarella, Marie - Cassandra
Fobes, Tracy - Heart of the Dove
Garland, Kit - The Perfect Scandal
Garwood, Julie - One Pink Rose (Clayborne Brides, 1)
Garwood, Julie - Prince Charming
Graham, Elizabeth - My Darling Kate
Greiman, Lois - Highland Enchantment
Haviland, Diana - Embrace the Flame
Ivory, Judith - Beast
Ivory, Judith - The Proposition
Jerina, Carol - Kissing Cousins
Johnston, Joan - The Bodyguard (Captive Hearts series, 2)
Joy, Dara - Tonight or Never
Kincaid, Katharine - Beloved Bondage
Kingsley, Katherine - Call Down The Moon
Lanigan, Catherine - Seduced
Licata, Jenni - Unveiled
Lindsey, Johanna - Man of My Dreams
Lindsey, Johanna - Once a Princess
Lindsey, Johanna - Say You Love Me
Lindsey, Johanna - Silver Angel (2 COPIES)
Lindsey, Johanna - When Love Awaits
Lowell, Elizabeth - Forbidden
Lowell, Elizabeth - Untamed
Martin, Deborah - Moonlight Enchantment
Martin, Kat - Gypsy Lord
Martin, Malia - The Duke's Return
Maxwell, Cathy - A Scandalous Marriage
McNaught, Judith - Whitney, My Love
McNaught, Judith - Once and Always
McNaught, Judith - Until You
Menzel, Lois - A Reckless Wager (Regency)
Moore, Margaret - The Duke's Desire
Muir, Rae - The Pearl Stallion
Neri, Penelope - Stolen
O'Day-Flannery, Constance - Anywhere You Are
Palmer, Diana - Cattleman's Choice
Palmer, Diana - Love with a Long, Tall Texan
Palmer, Diana - Mercenary's Woman: Soldiers of Fortune
Phillips, Tori - Lady of the Knight
Ranney, Karen - My Wicked Fantasy
Ransom, Dana - Temptation's Trail
Rice, Patricia - The Genuine Article
Robards, Karen - Tiger's Eye
Robinson, Suzanne - The Engagement
Robinson, Suzanne - The Rescue
Rogers, Rosemary - The Tea Planter's Bride
Rogers, Rosemary - The Wanton
Rogers, Rosemary - The Wildest Heart
Ryan, Nan - The Princess Goes West
Saunders, Amy Elizabeth - Forever
Simmons, Deborah - The Devil Earl
Small, Bertrice - A Moment in Time
Speer, Flora - Christmas Carol (Time Travel)
Speer, Flora - For Love and Honor
Spencer, Mary - Lady's Wager
Stone, Lyn - My Lady's Choice
Stone, Lyn - The Knight's Bride
Summerville, Margaret - Scandal's Daughter (Signet Regency)
Sutcliffe, Katherine - Jezebel
Taylor, Janelle - Love Me With Fury
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. - Petals on the River
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. - Shanna